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Photoshop CS4 Process and Work

I am taking a new class called Photoshop WEB 140 at Laurus College.

I will be posting all the Photoshop images that I create into the Photoshop Work Page. I will also be explaining what I am doing to create the images and what tools and techniques I use on the way. Join me on a process through Photoshop CS4 and its abilities to create cool fun images and high quality scenes.


Learn how I turned this into This.




Photoshop CS4 is a very powerful image creator software. I will be learning how to edit and add new images to bring life to a vision that the artist has. In this page I will list my process in this class and how I created these images.


Let’s Begin

Lesson 1:  The First is the cityscape, in this process we have selected out the sky and placed a bright blue background color over it. We will be creating a new sky that will help make this picture look more realistic and interesting. Thanks and enjoy.

Once I Selected out the sky I placed a new sky in. Then I flipped the sky image and placed it over the water, and to give it a reflection I used a blend tool called lighter color. I also cut out a yacht and a moon to give it a little more effect. Enjoy.

Lesson 2:  This lesson was on photo restoration. I used the healing brush and Stamp tool to take out the major cracks. I also adjusted the levels and gave the image a nice noise reduction effect. At the end I used a color balance to give the image a little more pop. Enjoy.


Lesson 3: In this lesson I learned how to create a Alpha layer to help the process of selecting the object in the image.This is how you can pull out images against a blue or green screen.


Here is the interface so you can see the layers and Alpha Channels that I have created.

Lesson 4: Create rain in any image. First you find a image then you create a Black layer above the image. Then you go to the filters tab and click on noise. Pump up the noise and hit the monochromatic check box, this makes the noise black and white. Under the filters tab click blur and in there find the motion blur. With the motion blur change the direction of the blurs to make it look like rain coming from a angle. Then finally select the black edited layer and under the blend drop box click screen. There you have it. Edit and play with it as you want. Enjoy

Lesson 5: This lesson is on paint brushes. more info later.

Lesson 6: Font and text. Font found on http://www.dafont.com and the fonts used are the king and queen font, alpha music man, and komika poster. Enjoy.

Image Deleted.

Lesson 7: In this lesson we will learn about textures and how to create real life creations. This image is the texture of a car paint falling off.


These image are made by using a web tutorials page from psd.tutsplus.com  Enjoy.

Lab Assignment: #1 Souping up a photo

Lab Assignment: #2 Build a abstract background

Lab Assignment: #3 Wavy style wallpaper

Lab Assignment: #4 Fast lighting effects

Lab Assignment: #5 Fractals in photoshop


This one I made for fun.

I call it pleasant headache.

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  1. August 24, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Wow, great work. I like the sky/city image. I;m new to the Photoshop word and really enjoy getting ideas and inspiration for others’ work. I’ll have to try those techniques in my future works.

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