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Digital Compositing with Toxic – 3/15/10

A new term and a new class has begun. In this course we will be learning about digital composting and filming. This class will take us throw the final stages of filming the animation and even placing 3-D objects into real life scenes. We will be learning how to use Autodesk Toxic 2010 to create these films. Join me on the lesson and see if you can learn as much as me. Enjoy.


Toxic is a very interesting software. In the lesson we will learn the interface and how to use them. 3/15/10


This is the Toxic Interface

In the image I created a Death Map and a Master image in Maya. I opened Toxic and inserted the images into the program. I opened up the blur effect and attached the images to them. Then I keyed some frames and the animation focuses in and out. Enjoy.

Master Image

Depth Map

Place them both together and key some frames



I am in the process of creating a car for this class. I will be placing the 3-D car into a real life environment. Here is the process.

Add wheels and seats.

Continue adding detail.



This is a car that I got from a 3-D animation magazine. This part is only about learning the place lights and rendering




This is a car that I placed in a background scene. It still needs work; however, here it is.


This is a room that I created in Maya for my Green Screen removal project.


more to come soon….

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