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Color Thoery – 4/20/10

Assignment 9: Make a Advertising Poster for a product the I created in Maya.

Concept art is a toy bear/ doll.

Then Build a toy model in Maya.

The Final Product.

Assignment 8: Take sketch and clean up perspective.

Assignment 7: Sketch out a building that you would like to create using two point perspective.

I am going to create a log cabin for this assignment.


Assignment 6: Find a image online and plot out the two point perspective lines.


Assignment 5: Create 2 point perspective boxes in a environment.


Assignment 4: Perspective

I made this letter out of the setting a vanishing point. I used AutoDesk Sketchbook and Photoshop to create it. Enjoy.

With Percpective lines:


Assignment 3:

Mix colors with lights.










Assignment 2:

Create a Saturation and Values chart for a color. I chose Green.


Assignment 1:

For my First assignment we had to pick a painting from an artist that we enjoy and see if any of these composition rules show in the art work. The rule of Thirds, The Golden Spiral/ The Fibonacci Spiral, Implied Forms, Balance with Contrast, and Eye-Centering principle.

I chose a painting by my friend Mark Byran, the painting is called “Pie in the Sky.” It is oil on canvas and was created in 2007. If you would like to see anymore of his work go to his site at http://www.artofmarkbryan.com.

The Original

The Rule of Thirds works.

The Fibonacci Spiral Works amazingly well.

Implied forms works.

Balance and Contrast also work.

Overall this painting shows amazing composition and is pleasing to the eye.


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