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Character Animation: 6-2-10

In this class we will be learning how to Rig a Character and Create simple movements for them. This class is the most detailed so far and it will go into much more than animating a character. We will be learning about locators and how they can be used to make a animators life much easier. We will also be looking at the human body and its relationship to animals. So there is much to cover. Proceed to the Character Animation page and I will take you throw the process. Enjoy. Scott.

The first thing that we have to do is come up with a concept for a character. Mine will be a older man who still wants to be a teen. He shows off but never gets what he wants. Time has not been good to him/ he has not been good to himself.

Step 2: Lay out image drawings and start modeling.

Continue to model

Finishg hands, eyes, and Teeth

Smooth and texture eyes and teeth

Create UV Texture Map

Rig Character

Then add skin weight and play with the character.


More to come.

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