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TweenLite – GreenSock V12

There is a new and updated version of the class plugin TweenLite from GreenSock. But it doesn’t stop there. The new TweenLite version 12 is now available for JAVASCRIPT. This is amazing. Now we can program straight from Jquery or Javascript. Flash is dragging behind more and more it seems. I can’t wait to start playing around with this new plugin.

Here is the link to the site so that you can play around with it yourself.


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Writing simple code in AS3

I have been learning AS3 at my work and it is starting to grow on me. I started to enjoy it once I learned OOP (Object Oriented Processing). The simple idea to give each object its own mind and it can interact with any other object is fantastic.

We use Eclipse FDT for all of our class writing. It is a useful and powerful actionscript class-writing software. You can download a free version here (there are limitations with the free version, but its not so bad).

So in this post I will be showing simple as3 codes that I have been learning.  A extremely good idea for anyone is to have a digital notebook. It helps the learning process go so much faster and you also have many more options at your disposal.

Here are a few most important things in my notebook:

//Date and Time in AS3,

//You can make a expiration date or change the style of a site with the date of the week. It is always up to you.

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, eFrame);

//We add these arrays because the online clock only gives us the number of the day or month.   //Example: 0 = Sunday. The code would spit out 0 and we replace it with the array string.

var days:Array = [“Sunday”, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”];

var months:Array = [“January”, “February”, “March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “August”, “September”, “October”, “November”, “December”];

function eFrame(evt:Event):void{
var current:Date = new Date();

var sec:int = current.getSeconds();
var min:int = current.getMinutes();
var hours:int = current.getHours();

//This code makes sure the numbers always look normal. Example: 12:20 not 12:2

if(sec < 10){
var s:String = “0” + sec;
s = “” + sec;

if(min < 10){
var m:String = “0” + min;
m = “” + min;

if(hours < 10){
var h:String = “0” + hours;
h = “” + hours;

txt2.text = “The current time is ” + h + “:” + m + “:” + s;

txt.text = “Today is ” + days[current.getUTCDay()] + ” the ” + current.getDate() + “th of ” +


//Creating a Timer in AS3

var timer:Timer;

//1000 is the number count in milliseconds
timer = new Timer(1000, 0);
timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTime);

private function onTime(e:TimerEvent) : void {
trace(“Timer is at ” + timer.currentCount);

//Dispatching Events in AS3

//These are very important when working with multiple classes. It is this simple.

//send directly to the MovieClip that you want to catch the event. I used (parent as MovieClip).
(parent as MovieClip).dispatchEvent(new Event("fadeOthers"));

//the catcher is a simple one
addEventListener(“fadeOthers”, newFunction);

private var newFunction(e:Event):void{

That is all for today. I will be continuing on to part 2 tomorrow. Thanks for reading. 


Web-Design content coming soon!

It has been a while sense I posted anything on my blog.

It seems the more I look for better ways of learning the more I realize I should have stuck with things that I already learned in my studies.

So here I am again and I will be expressing my progress in Web Programming. I am working with ActionScript 3 right now and that is what I will be talking about.

Therefore, please stay tune for the upcoming code and techniques that i have been learning at my job at Maxomedia.

I leave you with a quote from Socrates:

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Socratesin Plato, Dialogues, Apology
Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC – 399 BC)

2010 Demo Reel – Enjoy

July 15, 2010 2 comments
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Character Animation: 6-2-10

In this class we will be learning how to Rig a Character and Create simple movements for them. This class is the most detailed so far and it will go into much more than animating a character. We will be learning about locators and how they can be used to make a animators life much easier. We will also be looking at the human body and its relationship to animals. So there is much to cover. Proceed to the Character Animation page and I will take you throw the process. Enjoy. Scott.

The first thing that we have to do is come up with a concept for a character. Mine will be a older man who still wants to be a teen. He shows off but never gets what he wants. Time has not been good to him/ he has not been good to himself.

Step 2: Lay out image drawings and start modeling.

Continue to model

Finishg hands, eyes, and Teeth

Smooth and texture eyes and teeth

Create UV Texture Map

Rig Character

Then add skin weight and play with the character.


More to come.

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Color Thoery – 4/20/10

April 20, 2010 2 comments

Assignment 9: Make a Advertising Poster for a product the I created in Maya.

Concept art is a toy bear/ doll.

Then Build a toy model in Maya.

The Final Product.

Assignment 8: Take sketch and clean up perspective.

Assignment 7: Sketch out a building that you would like to create using two point perspective.

I am going to create a log cabin for this assignment.


Assignment 6: Find a image online and plot out the two point perspective lines.


Assignment 5: Create 2 point perspective boxes in a environment.


Assignment 4: Perspective

I made this letter out of the setting a vanishing point. I used AutoDesk Sketchbook and Photoshop to create it. Enjoy.

With Percpective lines:


Assignment 3:

Mix colors with lights.










Assignment 2:

Create a Saturation and Values chart for a color. I chose Green.


Assignment 1:

For my First assignment we had to pick a painting from an artist that we enjoy and see if any of these composition rules show in the art work. The rule of Thirds, The Golden Spiral/ The Fibonacci Spiral, Implied Forms, Balance with Contrast, and Eye-Centering principle.

I chose a painting by my friend Mark Byran, the painting is called “Pie in the Sky.” It is oil on canvas and was created in 2007. If you would like to see anymore of his work go to his site at

The Original

The Rule of Thirds works.

The Fibonacci Spiral Works amazingly well.

Implied forms works.

Balance and Contrast also work.

Overall this painting shows amazing composition and is pleasing to the eye.


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Digital Compositing with Toxic – 3/15/10

A new term and a new class has begun. In this course we will be learning about digital composting and filming. This class will take us throw the final stages of filming the animation and even placing 3-D objects into real life scenes. We will be learning how to use Autodesk Toxic 2010 to create these films. Join me on the lesson and see if you can learn as much as me. Enjoy.


Toxic is a very interesting software. In the lesson we will learn the interface and how to use them. 3/15/10


This is the Toxic Interface

In the image I created a Death Map and a Master image in Maya. I opened Toxic and inserted the images into the program. I opened up the blur effect and attached the images to them. Then I keyed some frames and the animation focuses in and out. Enjoy.

Master Image

Depth Map

Place them both together and key some frames



I am in the process of creating a car for this class. I will be placing the 3-D car into a real life environment. Here is the process.

Add wheels and seats.

Continue adding detail.



This is a car that I got from a 3-D animation magazine. This part is only about learning the place lights and rendering




This is a car that I placed in a background scene. It still needs work; however, here it is.


This is a room that I created in Maya for my Green Screen removal project.


more to come soon….

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